Cookies Policy

As a user, you can always use the tools provided by your browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE or other) to block or delete cookies. The first action, i.e. blocking cookies, may imply potential browsing failures such as for example: non-functional services, inaccessible functionalities, etc.

1. What are cookies and how do we use them?

-Cookies are small text files created during the user's visit to a given website, thus allowing the recognition of the same device (pc, tablet, smartphone, etc.) on a next visit. It is also enhanced the collection of some information regarding the browsing experience, a fact that may optimize some features in future visits, for example: language, browsing preferences, colours defined in certain settings, etc.

2. What kind of cookies we may use?

- Session cookies: these are temporary cookies that will be deleted from your system when you finish your session. Consequently, no cookies will remain on your system.

- Permanent cookies: these are stored on your system and are re-used each time you visit the site again. A so-called permanent cookie has a longer expiry date and will be deleted from your system after that date.

- Functionality cookies: these allow user preferences to be recovered, thus preventing the user from maintaining an active session between visits, or avoiding typing the user name every time he or she visits the site. Regardless of the nature of the cookies, their sole purpose is for the purposes indicated above, never for the collection of personal information. For more information about cookies:

- Personalisation cookies: these allow the website to recognise your choices when you use our services. For example, the language in which you are browsing or the origin of the request for the automatic definition of the language to be displayed. When accessing the homepage, these cookies allow us to identify in which language to display the contents, whether to show a popup or even which landing page branches to display. These cookies do not monitor any sites other than Dormak's.

- Third-party cookies: these originate from a different domain from the website visited. For example, when a user visits our website, a video hosted on YouTube or any other social network may be shown. As third party cookies, we do not have any control over how these cookies are used, so we advise you to check with the websites that hold these cookies to see how they are used and how they can be managed.