We believe we are capable of building the future.

Beyond and beyond developing new products, we develop our own technologies, because we chart our own course : differentiation, efficiency, user-friendliness and service always at hand.

We build equipment that makes the user's life easier - for creativity in design, reliability, economy, robustness and longevity.

Not machines, but partners.

And for the sake of our future, we are also making them clean and environmentally friendly, accompanying the lithium battery revolution with our own energy-efficient technological solutions.

Yes, we really are capable of building the future.

Dormak is a brand that aims to provide robust, reliable, user-friendly and comfortable equipment.

We are a vertical manufacturer, so we are directly responsible for the entire development and production process, using the necessary technologies to achieve high quality standards, which allows us to be present in most countries in the European market.

Our activity is focused on forestry, so important for our economic system, and even more relevant for the environment.

We also pay special attention to the garden area, a leisure activity that is fundamental for our well-being and the balance of our lives.

We are certain that we will be part of the economy of the future and aware that we all have our place and role to play in its evolution and development.